Tech Tips For Success For The Small Business Owner

Remedy IT created a list of things for small business owners to be mindful of when evaluating the health of their Information Technology.  This information can help you avoid disaster and clean up some virus infections that may affect you (or prevent them from coming in at all!)  This is meant to be a resource, and if at any time you need help implementing these, please give us a call!

The Remedy IT “Cheat Sheet”


  1. Protecting yourself
    1. Every machine should have antivirus on their computer.  (even Macs!)
    2. Free antivirus such as Avast! Is actually quite good (
    3. You should at minimum be protected by a router.  Never have your computers plugging directly into the cable mode or DSL modem (unless it has a built in firewall)
    4. Hard to accomplish, but make sure you have good email filtering.  Good email filtering will strip away viruses before they reach your desktop. (emails are the number 1 source that I see viruses come in through)


  1. Contingency plan
    1. Have a backup plan for all of your data including a local backup on external hard drive leveraged with a copy on the cloud.
    2. Many external hard drives now come with backup software.  At the very least, periodically manually copy these files to an external drive.
    3. Create a Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive account for free cloud storage and manually backup your items.  These are all cloud options so files you store here will be stored outside your organization. (and can also be used for easy file sharing between computers)
    4. IMPORTANT – programs such as Act and Quickbooks should be backed up from within the program to ensure a valid backup exists.  Programs such as these are most often overlooked when backing up items.
    5. Remedy IT offers a solution which automates the backup process if you do not wish to do this manually. (It should be noted that even with good backup solutions, you should still make additional backups of your Quickbooks and Act files from within the program)


  1. What to do if disaster strikes?
    1. Viruses

i.      First thing Remedy IT does is run ComboFix, a powerful software meant to remove most infections.  Combofix can be downloaded here:

ii.      Run it again!  Then reboot, update your anti-virus and run that as well.

  1. Data Loss

i.      If you accidentally deleted data and can’t find it, it is important to not write anything new to that drive. It could overwrite your data.

ii.      If it’s a hard drive failure you need to bring it to the pros.  If you don’t need data recovery our suggestion is always to hold on to the hard drive for some time to make sure that, down the road, you don’t remember a file that was lost.


Pro-active maintenance is always cheaper and less time involving than re-active support!

Posted on August 7, 2014 in General

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Jonathan Snyder is the owner of Remedy IT, passionate/early adopter of new technology.

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